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Written, Directed and Produced by Paula Haifley

Produced and Edited by Jordan Albert

Director of Photography Iain Stasukevich

Special Make Up Effects by Brian Kinney

Starring: Wesley Stiller, Inger Tudor, Alan Hawkins, Robert J. Peterson, Rachel Aviles, and John Masier.

Original Score by Don Bodin.

Festivals: Chicago Horror Film Festival (Best Short Film), International Horror and Sci-Fi Festival (Best Horror Comedy Micro-Short), Del Rey Beach Film Festival (Audience Award for Best Short film), Horror Fest UK, Terror Film Festival, San Francisco Women's Film Festival (Not Another Chick FLick night), Indy Horror Film Festival, Zompire: The Undead Film Festival, Dam Short Film Festival, Pretty/Scary Festival, Phoenix Cactus Comicon.

Screenings: Fright Night at CIA in Los Angeles, CA ; Fangoria Magazine's Monster Mondays in New York, NY; Theatre of N.O.T.E. in Los Angeles, CA

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